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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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clara county jail, after another inmate dies in custody. the question is -- how did he die? more backlash from the santa clara jail after another inmate dies in custody. the question is, how did he die? flashing lights and shattered glass break the evening quiet in richmond. what we're learning about a double homicide. plus, a criminal before finishing grade school? our investigative unit shines a light on an unnerving trend in child arrest. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good tuesday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> right now a lot to get to this morning. meteorologist kari hall standing by. good morning. >> good morning. happy tuesday.
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cooler weather moving into the bay area today. thanks to some clouds. right now at 60 degrees in livermore and 51 degrees in napa, san francisco at 58 degrees. here's a look at all the microclimates and 79 degrees in gilroy and millbrae up to 69 degrees and 66 in sausalito and oakland 77 degrees and livermore expect a high of 82. we'll check out more of the microclimates coming up and let's check in now with mike for traffic. >> very light traffic flow at the bay bridge and few cars now moving through. we're looking at the sxhapz we don't see any problems for your approach. the immediate approach for the maze or for the greater approach as we look at this entire quadrant where we see a little slowing just off that tri-valley exchange. we'll check on the road crews, i do want to let you know that we heard about an early morn oing fire off of highway 37. we'll check on that and i'll get a little sip of water. back to you. >> there we go, the day is early. thank you, mike. new questions this morning
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about the already troubled santa clara jail after the death of another inmate. >> stephanie chuang live in san jose with what we're learning so far. steph? >> we know that a male inmate died here in custody yesterday. we're told by the jail that the deputy found him unresponsive around 10:30 yesterday morning. a sheriff's sergeant saying that the man was given cpr and first aid by jail staff. san jose firefighters and paramedics arrived but were not able to resuscitate the inmate and he was pronounced dead just after 11:30 in the morning. what killed him is still unknown but this comes a month after another inmate 30-year-old michael tyree was beaten to death by three deputies. he was behind bars for drug and theft charges and found dead in his cell on august 27. those three correctional officers have been charged with murder. they are matthew ferrous, 27,
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jara lubrin and rodriguez 27. accused of assault, beating another inmate one via last month. two deputies posted bail and the third one is set for a property bond hearing this afternoon and all three are set to enter a plea in about two weeks. but as far as this most recent inmate death we don't know the identity and family is being notified and we were hoping to learn more from the sheriff's office this morning. >> stephanie, thank you very much. 4:33 now. new this morning, two men shot dead in richmond last night and now police trying to piece together what happened. police say shots spotter reported four gunshots around 8:30 on natalie court near san pablo avenue. when police got there, they found two men shot to death. so far police do not have a motive or a suspect in mind. any anyone with information is urged to call police. also new this morning, crews made quick work of an overnight brush fire in hayward.
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that fire started just before 3:30 near the corner of middle lane and his perrian boulevard. took a small crew of firefighters 20 minutes to put out the fire and the cause is under investigation. no one was hurt. now to an investigative unit exclusive that impacts hundreds of thousands of students across the bay area. it all has to do with when schools decide it is appropriate to contact the police on their students. >> some students are winding up with criminal records they cannot erase for what some might describe as childish misbehavior. investigative reporter looks at this and joins us with more. >> uncovered a trepd in the bay queria where kids are being criminalized for some call just minor misbehavior. to find out how often the schools call the police on children we collected from 20. our investigation found that black students and students with disabilities were referred to
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police at disproportionately higher rates compared to other children. officers at schools can give a child what is called a juvenile citation. equivalent to an arrest and goes on a child's criminal record. now legal advocates tell us this is often done for routine misbehavior like talking back to a teacher. tonight we dig deeper into the long term impact and investigate one bay area school district that had a practice of calling police on its students at a rate higher than nearly every school district in the entire country. that's tonight at 11:00. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 1-888-996-tips or send them an e-mail. i got a tip. watch out for the clouds because they seem to be reappearing almost as if by magic, kari. good morning. >> good morning. i think it will do a lot of good across the bay area, except for bring us any rain. it will keep our temperatures
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down as we go into the afternoon. so, we're starting out with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures right around 60 degrees. and highs today will mostly be in the 70s across the bay area. those 68 degrees in san francisco and the north bay 74 degrees and 75 degrees in the peninsula and the east bay reaching 70 today. 82 degrees in the tri-valley and we'll see some upper 70s for the southbou bay. i'll detail those temperatures and show you what to expect as we head into the weekend. let's check in now with mike for traffic. >> wanted to start out with the 580 westbound. standard flow of traffic that you see heading towards that dublin interchange. on the maps north of the dublin interchange and still see it zoomed up north past elcasta. overnight construction at times it looks like wae have some crews right there restricting some of that flow. should clear up in the next half hour.
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i'll track that and let you know of anything else reported through the area. giants play tonight, again,s the dodgers. looking over towards the south bay and northbound 101 shows an easy drive. this is what it is like through silicon valley. >> giants hanging out there, thank you very much. killer bees on the loose in the bay area. what one community is doing to combat the bees and what you can do to stay safe? got a tip for bay area's investigative unit? call or e-mail
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development. but not everyone is happy about it. ==vo== last night -- people lined up redtop wood city is booming with development, but not everyone is happy about the change in that city's character. last night people lined up at city hall to voice their opinions about the latest development proposal. this one would go on marshal street near the historic courthouse. many in the community say it's not a good fit for the area. >> we're not asking people to stop the growth, we want tamake sure it's not too fast, too soon. >> we are paying the price to do decent development on a regular basis. >> residents say that increasing traffic will only get worse as development continues. last night the city council decided to continue discussing the marshal street proposal. for the first time researchers found african kil r
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er bees in the bay area. the bee's sting is no more lethal and their behavior no more aggressive than their european honey bee relatives, but africanized bees on occasion do kill. >> the problem arises if you disturb a hive or a nest. in which case they're easier to disturb. >> if swarmed, experts say run and keep running. these bees will pursue you longer than other honey bees, but will eventually stop. experts emphasize such attacks are very rare. >> good to keep things in perspective. coming up next, get ready for a new emergency alert coming to a cell phone near you. governor brown signing a new law to use technology to help catch hit and run drivers. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
4:42 am nbc bay area, we investigate.
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what are you smiling about? >> always something going on. >> it's not monday. >> every time i look over here, there's like mischief in the air. >> not at all. we're enjoying the better weather. >> the face of an angel, too. that's what's so crazy about it.
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so far pretty nice. setting the stage for continued nice weather here. >> even a little bit cooler today. in the next couple of days it will be out there, but setting the stage for a warm weekend. let's get a look at what's happening right now. we do see the clouds over san francisco, little bit of some fog to start out the day as we get a look at the view from san bruno mountain towards san francisco and the visibility will be a little bit lower in spots. now that we do have the clouds and the fog back this morning. it's 58 degrees in san francisco and concord and napa is at 52 degrees. it is 59 degrees, very light wind expected as we go through the day. not much, but at least we do still have that onshore flow and wind picking up to ten miles per hour up to 15. nothing out of the ordinary there. it will be up to 78 degrees and more clouds in san jose than yesterday and 75 degrees in palo alto and in the castro 68 degrees and 66 degrees in sausalito and oakland at 70
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degrees and pleasanton reaching 81 degrees. our temperature is cooler than average and hour by hour in san francisco, you won't see much of the sun today. only a few peeks here and there. we'll stay in the 60s throughout the froo the afternoon. i expect more cloud cover to stay with us and this shows you what the cloud cover will look like as with the fog on the bay. the fog staying along the immediate coast, some clearing inland and that is what i am talking about some peeks of sun and clouds throughout the day and then more clouds as we head through the night and lower visibility as we go into early tomorrow morning. no changes there. there is an area of low pressure just off shore. it is streaming those clouds in and gives us those beautiful sunrises and sunsets with the mid and high-level clouds and fairly mild through the next few days. but warming up in time for the weekend. a look at all the microclimates. we'll have a warm start and then slightly cooler as we head towards sunday. now, let's check in with mike for traffic. >> all right, kari, we'll show
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folks this is the foster city side off the high rise westbound to the peninsula with the headlights. same portion on the map right there as you come down a little slowing for 92 through the hills and that shows up this morning and a couple moving vehicles it takes to trigger that. we zoom out here, we're showing you no real problems and 85 at 280 reports of a rug in the roadway and slowing north 680 lookz like it's clearing. that crew clearing through san ramon, back to you. 4:47 we can all relate to this. if you're up with us, coffee probably a pretty good friend of yours. turns out today is national coffee day. can you just feel the caffeine in your system? >> let's see if landon dowdy has a little caffeine in her system. oh, yeah, look at that smile. >> you better believe it. good morning to you both. wall street looks to rebound today from monday's big selloff. futures are pointing to a higher
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open. stocks dropping sharply on monday with the nasdaq being the worst performing index amid the decline in health care stocks. and a mixed bag of u.s. economic data. we get reports today on home prices and consumer confidence. the dow falling 312 points to 16001. the nasdaq down 142 to 4543. amazon has rolled out a program in its home town of seattle to offer one-hour delivery using a network of independent contractors. the "wall street journal" says under the service people sign up for shifts through a smartphone app and are alerted when they should pick up packages. amazon is paying drivers $20 an hour. sam and laura, did you hear what day it was? >> coffee day. >> you got it. and guess what, plenty of deals. here's where you can get them. krispy kreme is giving out free 12 ounce cup of joe and a glazed doughnut.
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dunkin' donuts free medium cups of its dark roast. free small cup of pete's coffee and tea with any food purchase. this is a dream day for all of us early birds. >> i know. boy, we're just going to be walking around buzzed on all our coffee later. >> hopefully landon didn't think you were leaving her hanging there because we have a delay of four or five seconds there. >> we need a little more caffeine. >> i'll give you a hint. >> all right, have a great day. 4:49 right now. happening today tesla's latest vehicle rolls out of the factory. set to deliver the first model x from its factory in fremont tonight. all electric suv features falcon wing doors that open vertically. its battery is projected to last for 250 miles per hour charge. the model x is expected to sell for around $80,000. slightly more than the model s sedan. most of us have seen those
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amber alert messages displayed on freeway signs and also on your phone when a child is missing. that same technology used to find hit and run drivers. all this part of a new law signed by governor brown. candace reports on the new yellow alert. >> i have my moments. you know, i think about him a lot. >> reporter: hard to say whether a state yellow alert system would have helped find the driver that killed robinson's brother. but it might help future cases. >> i just couldn't believe the number of stories outside of roger's that, you know, i just hear about and why is this happening? >> reporter: last wednesday, his brother collapsed while walking across a street in park west. a car hit him and the driver did not stop. >> the problem was, he took off. he shouldn't have done that. >> reporter: as a result of fatal hit and runs statewide, signed assembly bill 8 monday a bill allowing law enforcement agencies to issue a yellow alert if a person has been killed or
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suffered a serious injury due to a hit and run accident. the agency would need specific information about the suspect or the suspect vehicle. the alert would be activated within a specific approved area, presumably around where the accident happened. >> i think it's a very good tool. i mean, we have the amber alert. >> reporter: a chp spokesperson tells nbc 7 the yellow alert system seems like a good tool, but these cases will still be extremely difficult to solve. he said usually there is very little information to go on after the accident. often they don't have a vehicle a description or a license plate number. also, even if the suspect car is found, how do you prove who drove it? still, state officials believe the new system will make our streets safer. craig robinson hopes so, too. >> you can get somebody to, you know, say, well i just saw that car and it looks like the car you described and, you know, please get on it. >> that was candace wynn
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reporting. in addition to freeway signs, alerts may be seen on tv or heard on radio. that bill is expected to go into effect starting january 1st. 4:51. moving on to decision 2016 this morning. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton continues her trip to the bay area today. we have video of her motorcade arriving at her first stop yesterday for a reception in saratoga. today former secretary of state will attend a fund-raising breakfast in san francisco. yesterday she also went to an event in marin county, as well as a third fund-raiser. >> packed schedule. 4:52 right now. coming up, life on mars. scientists exploring new images showing water flowing on the red planet.
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can you feel the cooler temperatures out there? >> yes, i can. nice little relief from last week. i can also see the sat lide
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radar is out there, kari. you tracking some green specks? >> especially moving towards the central valley. you can see all the clouds moving into the bay area. i don't think we'll see much in the way of rain today, but a lot of cloud cover as this sits just off shore and rolls those clouds across the bay area. and highs today will be in the 70s. a few spots hitting 80 degrees and we'll also have 60s near the immediate coast. 66 degrees in sausalito and oakland 70 degrees and 85 degrees in the tri-valley as you head over towards dublin. we'll talk more about this and warm up in time for the weekend. that's coming up. let's check in now with mike. >> we'll look at 880 right here. and then a few hundred yards down the road. tesla where they're releasing that model x you guys just talked about tonight. we'll look at your map and have a smooth drive-in fact, all your south bay freeways at speed. we did have that rug reported at 85/280. not causing a problem as i could see over the last few minutes. this road crew clearing
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northbound 680 as you're coming up past al costa. great stuff heading north and the rest of your approaches towards the bay bridge those are moving lightly right now. back to you. >> thank you. will google soon be able tatell you just how much pollution is in your neighborhood. google street view cars are equip would air quality sensors to measure smog levels. eventually the data will be posted on google maps. the readings could help cities figure out where to plant trees and highlight health risks. for now the program is only running in the bay area, but it will spread across california. nasa researchers including many at ames research center have more reasons to believe that life could exist on mars. scientists believe that the water likely contained some salt. salt would keep the water from freezing at extremely low martian temperatures. >> we now know that mars once
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was a planet very much like earth. with warm, salty seas. with fresh water lakes. probably snow-capped peaks and clouds and a water cycle just like we're studying here on earth. >> the presence of water on mars might make it easier and safer for humans to explore some day the red planet. well, coming up. police popping up at area schools arresting children as young as 13. >> that's just part of the story. find out what investigative reporter uncovered next. the wake of an inmate death scandal, another inmate found dead in his jail cell. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-8888-996-tips or e-mail south bay facility, already
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under investigation - another inmate found dead at a south bay facility already under investigation for another death. and looking for clues in the dark of night. two people shot dead in the east bay and the killer on the run. plus, local brainiacs rewarded big for their cutting edge work. "today in the bay" starts now. and a very good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. ever feel like we're living in
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the land of brainiac. everyone is a brainiac around here. it will hummab blble you very q. good morning, kari. >> a cooler day across the bay area with more clouds moving in and a little bit of some sprinkles going on south of the south bay. well, in our area we are in the lower 50 er 50s in the north ba 62 degrees in the peninsula and highs today in the 70s thanks to all those clouds and a few peeks of sun here and there and san francisco reaching 68 degrees and 78 degrees in the south bay. i'll detail those temperatures and what to expect as we head into the weekend. that's coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in now with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> let's look over here. beautiful shot of this tower eastbound coming out of san francisco and in past the treasure island exit. one lane blocked and overnight road crew there and traffic flows smoothly in to and out of the city. same on the speed sensors across from oakland into san francisco. remember the gs


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